Sundez EVI Air to Water Heat Pump Controller System


Introduction to Sundez EVI heat pump

With innovative EVI (Enhanced Vapor Injection) technology, Sundez EVI heat pump is designed for house heating.
It is able to work stable at ambient temperature as low as -25 Deg C, so that to cut down the power bill during heating season.
It is the best eco-friendly solutions to replace the traditional gas or electric boiler for house heating.
Horizontal blower design enables the quiet running and prolongs the life span of the heat pump.
Outdoor unit and indoor unit connected with hidden connector makes good-looking installation.

Sundez EVI heat pump Control system_Overview
Sundez EVI heat pump Control system_Transformer and EEV
Sundez EVI heat pump Control system_PCB mainboard
Sundez EVI heat pump Control system_Controller panel
  • Controller PCB (mainboard)

  • Transformer

  • Sensors

  • Small PCB

  • Controller panel (display)

  • Cables

Sundez EVI heat pump Control system_Overview 2
Sundez EVI heat pump Control system_Sensors

Standard features

With advanced EVI (Enhanced Vapor Injection) scroll compressor technology and EEV (Electronic Expansion Valve), the heat pump performs the best efficiency in cold area.
> Eco-friendly R410a refrigerant system is extremely high in efficiency and low noise.
> 2-speed blower with wide blade enables large air flow volume but low noise.
> Split system avoids the water piping freezing risk, with all refrigerant piping and power cables hidden at the back.
> It's very easy and convenient to control the heat pump with controller on indoor unit.

Casing features

> Hot galvanized casing coated with powder painting performs very well in anti-rusting.
> Grey casing looks elegant and dirt-proof.
> Acoustic absorption measures, including compressor vibration reduction, plenty of sound deaden material, and so on, are taken to efficiently cut down the noise impact.

Control Features

> Reliable interactive control system provides with LED indoor backlight controller.
> It is easy to understand and convenient to operate on the controller.
> Timer function enables customized time to start or shut down automatically in order to avoid the electricity peak hours.
> Auto-defrosting function is realized by the controller.


SD AW - 075 - B S EVI
Manufacturer EVI function
Short for Sundez Omit: Not available EVI: Available
Power supply
Heat exchange type Omit: 220~240V/1N~/50Hz
Air to Water S: 380~415V/3N~/50Hz
Casing structure
Nominal compressor power A: Vertical discharge B: Horizontal discharge
075: 3HP 125: 5HP 250: 10HP C: Split discharge